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The Wise men- Journey so far!

It has been an eventful start to the Wise Men’s journey.  Ferdinand the Camel refused to travel when he found out he would have to go down a ladder.  Having successfully got him down he then ran off when he saw the rope swing.  But when he finally got on the swing it turned out he loved it.  Much fun and games were had with swinging backwards and forward!.  The trip is coming to it’s final week!  Follow the star!

Back refreshed

Back feeling much  better after our 5 days off.   Sorry for closing!  but we needed the break.  I had an amazing guitar lesson whilst I was away.  Always good to top up skills.  It was fantastic! 4 great hours playing and drawing every nuance  from the pieces.  Music exam season now!  good luck to all pupils!

Guitar Lesson

Well Ali is very excited as she has a guitar lesson booked!! Yes I know that might be bad news for some students who think once they get to this grade or that the lessons stop!  Well they can if you want, but you can always learn more-  Andy Murray is the number 1 tennis player in the world but still has a coach! So Ali is excited to have a top up of motivation/technique!  The shop will be closed next week Monday to Friday which allows her to escape!


Mums funeral was beautiful.  We gave her a great send off that I think she would have been very happy with.  Thanks to all our customers for their support.  Everyone has been amazing and the offers of help have been lovely.  I have been touched by peoples kind comments about mum.  We are still going through a transition period, where because mum was able to cover the shop on short notice we might have some blips on opening every now and again.  She will be missed in the shop for her flexibility in this regard alone!