New Stock

Some new arrivals to Red Lion Music- a great new soprano ukulele but with a concert neck- so for those wanting the higher sound but with the convenience of the bigger neck- this could be for you.  Some great new beginners piano books too.  Many other new items! With more to come.


New Dexibell colour range

Just come back from Musikmesse- the huge music trade show in Frankfurt.  Whilst I was there I took photos of the Dexibell colour range. Hadn’t seen them (except in the catalogue) so took a few photos!  We hold the black ones in stock- but colour ones can be ordered easily and delivered within a few days! I like the green!20170407_154611

Sorry been away for a while

Hi, sorry apparently we were off line for a while, and with our being away for our 25th wedding anniversary, and Christmas etc, I just have not posted for a while! (stop it, I can hear your Hurrahs from here!)

Today I was asked for some Bach- or maybe something more modern??  Which has posed the question of what would your more modern be?  Beethoven, Mozart? Debussy, Elgar? John Williams or Prince?  the lists are huge!  When you have a dull moment (or want to think about something to get rid of the hiccups) what a great  question to ask yourself!  So many choices!

An Elven Workshop

elf-xmas-displayThe elves are busy in the workshop getting everything ready for Christmas.

We’re very excited for the festive season this year with lots of items arriving on our shelves. Our Christmas crackers are back again, filled with mini bells and other musical trinkets so you can create your own mini orchestra. With many new items in store in time for Christmas, from musical gifts to instruments, come in and see us.


Our customers are normally all lovely (thank you very much)- however there is always an exception to the rule.

The government states that we as a shop owner do not have to refund a product if the customer damages an item by trying to repair it themselves or by getting someone else to do it.

We had a customer in who could not get into a tin of rosin- they are a pull fit- but for some reason they could not get in- instead of bringing it back for us to look at, they brought it back looking like this!

20161018_104200 20161018_104146 20161018_104136They were suprised that after poking something sharp through it, then using mole grips and 5 adults on it, that the rosin did not survive this treatment and wanted to return it.  They were also highly aggressive towards staff.  Please note that we do not by law have to replace items damaged by the customer!

Ukulele Gig Bags

Just taken delivery of some great ukulele gig bags for concert and soprano sizes-  Great padding and lots of storage compared to other bags! Same style in guitar gig bags too- they have a front pocket that zips off and is a rucksack/day sack too!  If you play guitar and uke- have a matching pair!



Just to say hello

Haven’t posted for a while- but with Ali’s operation and the long hot summer it has been quiet at Red Lion Music.  Who wants to shop when you could be on the beach or park when it is 32 degrees outside?  Many more friends and shoppers have been into see us since the holidays ended, and it has been lovely to see every one.  Our Olympic display has sadly come down, that was a favorite and the Olympics and Para Olympics has been great watching. We will be getting our new stock in over the next few months as the reps come round and tempt us with their exciting new items for us to sell.  So please pop in when you are passing!