Our customers are normally all lovely (thank you very much)- however there is always an exception to the rule.

The government states that we as a shop owner do not have to refund a product if the customer damages an item by trying to repair it themselves or by getting someone else to do it.

We had a customer in who could not get into a tin of rosin- they are a pull fit- but for some reason they could not get in- instead of bringing it back for us to look at, they brought it back looking like this!

20161018_104200 20161018_104146 20161018_104136They were suprised that after poking something sharp through it, then using mole grips and 5 adults on it, that the rosin did not survive this treatment and wanted to return it.  They were also highly aggressive towards staff.  Please note that we do not by law have to replace items damaged by the customer!

Ukulele Gig Bags

Just taken delivery of some great ukulele gig bags for concert and soprano sizes-  Great padding and lots of storage compared to other bags! Same style in guitar gig bags too- they have a front pocket that zips off and is a rucksack/day sack too!  If you play guitar and uke- have a matching pair!



Just to say hello

Haven’t posted for a while- but with Ali’s operation and the long hot summer it has been quiet at Red Lion Music.  Who wants to shop when you could be on the beach or park when it is 32 degrees outside?  Many more friends and shoppers have been into see us since the holidays ended, and it has been lovely to see every one.  Our Olympic display has sadly come down, that was a favorite and the Olympics and Para Olympics has been great watching. We will be getting our new stock in over the next few months as the reps come round and tempt us with their exciting new items for us to sell.  So please pop in when you are passing!



Hi- Some music lessons are restarting at Red Lion Music this week.  To ease Ali back into work she is going to be teaching pupils who are taking exams this term only this week. It is still only 3 weeks since her surgery, but the recovery is going well.  Those who’s lessons are starting this week have been contacted.  However if you think you were going to be taking an exam this term and have not been contacted, please email the shop, and Ali will get back to you.


Massive thanks from Ali

Thank you so much for your support and best wishes following my operation.  I have been very touched by all the cards and messages.  I am on the mend.  It is only just over 2 weeks since the operation, and everyday I can do more.  Lessons will resume as soon as I am able.  It was a big operation, but seems to have been a success.  So hopefully recovery will be the end of the problem!  Thank you once again for all the support, it has been amazing.



Hi All- due to Ali needing a spot of surgery, there are no lessons this week (5th Sept) and probably none the following week either.  School lessons will resume when she is able to drive (sorry not sure how long that will be- but hopefully before the end of September). Pupils will be contacted about lessons restarting as soon as she is able.

Exam Results again!!!

Well music exams with any exam board can happen 3 times a year so every term there is someone doing an exam- so once again I say congratulations to my pupils who took exams this term.  I had my youngest pupils gain distinction at grade 1 with his ukulele!  (he is only 6). No piano pupils entered this term, but guitars grades 1-3 this time.  Fantastic results!  So pleased and proud!



20160529_134817Bank holiday weekend!  Great time to get the red, white and blue bunting finally made..

Having made bunting for the shop a couple of  years ago, I have thought several times since then that we needed bunting in our national colours for all those events where national pride is required!  In fact there have been many times I could have used bunting like that, and each time have thought I should have made some.  Well this weekend was the weekend for it!  Here are the pieces cut and sewn into flags awaiting the ribbon.  Soon as it was complete, the bunting was up in our Queens 90th birthday celebration window! Happy Birthday Your Majesty.