The ukulele has been an icon of Hawaiian music for over 120 years.
It is a 4 stringed instrument that has become very popular in the UK. There are now many ukulele clubs and orchestras in the UK, and increasingly the ukulele is replacing the recorder as the instrument to be taught in schools. It has a very bright happy sound and is great fun to play.
The Ukulele comes in 4 sizes:-
Soprano ~ length 21″ approx, 12-13 Frets and tuning of GCEA or ADF#B- Great for beginners and those with small fingers

Concert ~ Length 23″approx, 15-20 Frets and tuning of GCEA These are often the most popular for live performance, as their comfortable size and good projection work well in amplified or acoustic settings.

Tenor ~ Length 26″ approx, 15+ Frets and tuning of GCEA Their larger scale makes them the easiest for guitar players to adapt to, and their large bodies produce warmer, more complex tones.

Baritone~ Length 30″ approx, 19+ Frets and tuning of GCEA or DEBE In Hawaii, the Baritone has been the most popular of the Ukulele sizes.