Dexibell Vivo H7 Home Piano


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Vivo H7 Home piano

The new Dexibell Vivo Range of Home pianos- Italian design- amazing sound!

Whilst we have only one in stock at the shop, normally they come direct to you from the Dexibell warehouse, so are in stock and are shipped to you within 4 working days.

Every feature of the pianos DEXIBELL is meant to be played, with painstaking fidelity, every aspect of the real sound, to capture every possible interaction with the wood as a living material and every little subtle nuance given by the hand of those who play it.

24 Reverb Types

Digital Eq + 6 independent DSP effects

Passive subwoofer, make & near field speakers with over 113dB SPL (on H-7 model)

Digital Amp with “multi-band comp”

Variable psychoacoustic equalizer

Bass enhancer

Bluetooth streaming audio

Conform to “ErP VI” level, for the lowest “standby” power consumption: less than 0.2W

Common specification:

“T2L” sampling and modeling technology, reactive to player articulation

Audio quality 24-bit linear, 48 kHz (internal processing and DSP at 32-bit floating)
Unlimited Polyphony 320 oscillators
XXL samples Holophonic waves up to 15 seconds on lower floor notes
wireless connectivity Bluetooth
Display 128 x 64 High Contrast Organic LED
EFX 24 Reverb, 12 Effects, EQ
Player / Recorder WAV 48KHz, 32bit floating
USB to Host (MIDI), to Device (Memory
Parts 3 (Main, Layer, Split)

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Weight 62.3 kg
Dimensions 142 x 36 x 79 cm