Ukulele information


The Ukulele comes in 4 sizes:-
Soprano ~ length 21″ approx, 12-13 Frets and tuning of GCEA or ADF#B- Great for beginners and those with small fingers

Concert ~ Length 23″approx, 15-20 Frets and tuning of GCEA These are often the most popular for live performance, as their comfortable size and good projection work well in amplified or acoustic settings.

Tenor ~ Length 26″ approx, 15+ Frets and tuning of GCEA Their larger scale makes them the easiest for guitar players to adapt to, and their large bodies produce warmer, more complex tones.

Baritone~ Length 30″ approx, 19+ Frets and tuning of GCEA or DEBE In Hawaii, the Baritone has been the most popular of the Ukulele sizes.Red Lion Music Ukulele