Busy few weeks and anniversary

Well it has been a busy few weeks. Georgina our daughter who has worked with us in the shop after school/holidays, left a few years ago to go to Uni. She has since then got her music degree and a Masters in Music. We were closed yesterday to go to her graduation for her degree which was delayed a year due to covid, and in a few weeks we will go to her Masters graduation. She is also in a band- Millie Manders and the Shut up. Their album tour began last Friday in Norwich and that was an amazing gig. Plenty more Gigs in the next couple of months all round the country! Then next year they are supporting Less than Jake on their uk Tour. So it is a busy time. Our son has also passed his degree- so hopefully his graduation will be soon. Father in Law is still ill, so some shop closures will still probably happen as we cover his care.

But importantly- it is Matt and I’s 30th wedding anniversary in November so we are going away for 3 weeks to celebrate. I will be honest- it is hard running a shop 6 days a week. We haven’t had much time off in the 8 years of Red Lion Music since we opened. And it has been hard. In the last 5 years I have had cancer, I have lost both my parents, we have had brexit and covid (covid personally caught it, as well as how it affected the shop and our business) We have had 2 kids going through GCSE’s and A Levels and degrees and now Matts father is very ill. Be nice to have a few weeks where we can please ourselves and relax hopefully. So sorry the shop will be closed, but hopefully you will understand and wish us well.