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Please use hand sanitiser

Hi, please help us to follow the guidlines- we have lots of hand sanitiser- please use it. If our hands are as sanitised as possible we help prevent the spread of the virus. We ask everyone to hand sanitise before going up to the instrument section, even if you if have before entering the shop- sorry staff need to see that you have, to enable we keep our instruments as clean as possible. Thanks for helping us.

We will be open Monday 15th June

Hi- we will be open on Monday, but just to let you know, our opening hours will be 9.30-17.00 Monday to Friday and 9.30-13.00 on Sat. This is to allow us the extra cleaning time Covid 19 requires.

Also to let you know Red Lion Street is going one way, driving from our end into town. Buses will not be stopping at the Market anymore but at Tescos. The pavements in Red Lion Street are going to have barriers? (we will see on Monday) to make the pavements wider- but at our end and at the top end if you make the pavements wider- there is no room for the cars.. we will see on Monday how it works.

Hope to see you soon

Opening on the 15th June

Well the government has given the shops an opening date, so we are hoping to open on the 15th June. Looking forward to seeing customers again. The shop has felt strange without you. Mind you , a major dusting is required. We have not dusted during lock down, and the dust gets everywhere. We have spent what feels like a huge sum on hand sanitiser, as the Government guidelines state we must have it for customers. So please come to the shop and use it. Lots of rules for us to follow. I am sad that I cannot start teaching in the shop yet. Teaching on line has been great, and really works well. But I do miss the human interaction. But hopefully teaching will resume at some point. Look forward to seeing you in the shop soon. Rest assured we will be cleaning/wiping/sanatising etc as much as we can for all our sakes. Stay safe.

Week 6 of lockdown

Well week 6 of lockdown!! wow. like everyone- did not see this year going like this. New skills I have learnt are using skype/zoom/facetime for lessons (you can teach an old dog new tricks!). People are still buying things by ringing us up and we are delivering or they are popping into the shop to pick up their items. So we are still here. Hoping all of you are well and coping ok.

Week 3 of Lock down

Well slowly sorting my music room and getting paperwork sorted. People still ringing orders in, or contacting us via the facebook page. Bank holiday weekend was great- home is starting to be licked into shape too! 14 pupils are now having lessons on line, and that is going well. Lovely to see pupils, even if it is just on line.

One of my long time piano pupils passed away, first weekend of the lock down- but because of lock down – I only found out on Saturday. Not a Covid 19 related passing. I wish to pass all of our thoughts to his partner and family. He will be missed by all of us, and after 6 years of lessons on a Wednesday, Wednesday will never been the same. A truly lovely individual.

Take care of yourselves out there

Being here whilst shut.

Well we are in the shop every day – very strange being here whilst being shut. But people are ringing with orders, and so far we have been delivering locally in a very responsible way, anti bac hands, packages before delivery.

I have learnt a new skill- how to use facetime and skype!!! And am now teaching many of my pupils via the online medium- something I never expected to do. But it is working very well.

And for those who walk past the shop on their allotted walk about- I have changed the joke, and will endevour to change it more often to help bring smiles to peoples faces. Keep safe everyone.

Still here

Well we are still open. obviously this is a quick changing situation, and if the government follow other European countries and close shops, then we will close and lessons will have to stop as well. Please keep safe and well.

Sorry for the unexpected closures

Hi- life has been busy here in the shop. Unfortunately Matt has had to be elsewhere this week, and possibly next. this has meant I have had to close the shop during lessons. If there is something you need, I am happy to stay open a little after closing time if you ring ahead and let me know. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Happy 2020

Happy New Year to one and all. We spent a very busy few days stock taking , between Christmas and New Year. Was hard work, lots of numbers and 4 yellow highlighters worn through. So not much of a Christmas Break. But we are back open and back to normal today, bar removing the Christmas Decorations from the shop. Lets hope this year is a great year for all.


We bought a boat! For our regular customers this will not be a surprise. Matt is a very keen sailor- a passion that has not abated over his lifetime. The boat we have bought is a lovely boat- but currently is in Greece- which is amazing and wonderful, but not very practical for a weekend sail. So we are bringing her home to Norfolk. This will mean that opening times may be a little erratic over the summer holidays. As you know it is just us- we are a family business- so with this sailing experience taking Matt away mostly, and myself and the children in stages, there might be a few ups and downs with our opening times. Please ring ahead if coming from a distance or need something urgently. But it is exciting.