Did you know??

Did you know a violin/viola/cello/double bass bow does not work when it is brand new??

It is not broken. 

The bow hair does not cause any  friction on the strings and slides more or less silently across the strings.  ( Great for silent practice!!)  This is the reason string players use Rosin.  Rosin produces a slightly sticky coating to the strings which enables the bow hair to vibrate the strings.  When buying a new stringed instrument or replacement bow (we sell both), the new bow hair has to be loaded with Rosin.  This is not a quick job, taking at least 10/15 mins.  If you also have new Rosin it takes time to get the new Rosin to work. Rosin is heated/or molded to give it a shiny, new looking, smooth surface, and a new bow does not have any friction yet to get through the shine, so you can feel like you are just polishing the Rosin more!

Tip.– Use sand paper on the top of new rosin to remove the sheen and activate the tacky dust, making it easier to get the rosin on the bow.