Congratulations to pupils who have passed their exams this session

Last year, due to Covid, I did not get as many pupils through exams as wanted. One lovely pupil had her exam cancelled twice due to lockdowns. However I did get others (who were using other exam boards so the exam sessions were slightly different)through their ukulele and piano exams with distinction. This session had a grade 5 piano and grade 1 guitar get to take their exams. So proud of their results. Excellent job.

Please do not abuse staff in shops

There is a facebook comment that goes around often about be nice to people as you do not know what kind of a day they are having. This is very true. We currently have an ill parent we are dealing with.

Please do not abuse and be deliberately argumentative with staff in shops. And if you are in Red Lion Music, and are unpleasant to the staff, please expect to be asked to leave.

Just had a very unpleasant experience with a customer (not a regular) who chose to argue, and who even told her partner that she was enjoying the argument. I’m sure she was. But it is very fair to say I was not enjoying the experience, especially as it was unnecessary.

Fortunately our customers are normally fantastic and lovely and I thank them all for being the lovely humans they are.

Welcome back!

Hi – lovely to have pupils and customers back in the shop again!! We are still keeping all our covid cleaning up (especially as we have had covid during the last lockdown, it was not fun) to keep everyone safe and healthy as possible.

Just a reminder that we do not deal in secondhand instruments, nor give free valuations on instruments.

And lastly- I had forgotten how many people ask me about the jewelers opening times!! He opens Monday to Sat -but not Wednesdays. 9am ish and currently is closing around 1-2pm. Just like us, he is a single shop, not big enough for lots of staff, and life/buying stock for the shop etc all takes time and means sometimes you are shut unexpectedly. Hope that helps.

Tier 4

Well Tier 4 for Boxing day. Not what anyone wanted to hear. We were going to open for a few hours a day between Christmas and New Year- but obviously this can not happen. From January the 4th Lessons will resume on line for those pupils that can. Shop and repairs wise, please email/phone (leave a message) and we will get back to you asap. We will come into the shop everyday, but when internet lessons occur. Have plenty of jobs at home to do so will split Tier 4 time between home and work. Please stay safe and well. And we hope to see you when we next can. Ali

Open again

We are open again- yippee. Come and see us! We have musical gifts as well as instruments!

I have spent lockdown teaching those who still wanted to have lessons on line, but also making hats and coats for our ukuleles to wear in our Christmas window. Very pleased with our Christmas window this year. Please come and see it if you have the time!

Successful run!

So Arthur and I ran the London Marathon on Sunday! It was a mud bath in places on the Marriotts way, which made it very hard. There were several Marathon Runners and walkers out and about which was great. We did stop for coffee at Whitwell, and we did put warmer clothes and and Arthur had a shoe change around Reepham. But a successful finishes was achieved and currently we are up to £460 raised for our chosen Charity – Aylsham First Responders!!

Very impatiently waiting for the London Marathon Medal to arrive now!!