Easter Weekend Get Away

Hi- as anyone who comes to the shop knows we are a small business which is family run.  Last summer we lost one of the family and not only was that a shock and loss, it also left us with a member of staff down.  This has been tough on all of us.  So we have decided to take the Easter weekend off.  So advanced warning, we will be closed Easter Saturday.


Sorry for the closures

Sorry that we are having some erratic opening times.  Matt is helping a friend, and in the past we have had mum to cover the shop when I am teaching.  Unfortunately I cannot teach and run the shop at the same time, hence the shop being closed.  We endeavor to keep everyone informed as much as possible.   And to that end we will be closed today 6/3/2018 between 1 and 4pm.

Did you know??

Did you know a violin/viola/cello/double bass bow does not work when it is brand new??

It is not broken. 

The bow hair does not cause any  friction on the strings and slides more or less silently across the strings.  ( Great for silent practice!!)  This is the reason string players use Rosin.  Rosin produces a slightly sticky coating to the strings which enables the bow hair to vibrate the strings.  When buying a new stringed instrument or replacement bow (we sell both), the new bow hair has to be loaded with Rosin.  This is not a quick job, taking at least 10/15 mins.  If you also have new Rosin it takes time to get the new Rosin to work. Rosin is heated/or molded to give it a shiny, new looking, smooth surface, and a new bow does not have any friction yet to get through the shine, so you can feel like you are just polishing the Rosin more!

Tip.– Use sand paper on the top of new rosin to remove the sheen and activate the tacky dust, making it easier to get the rosin on the bow.

New Carpet and lessons

Well my teaching room has had an upgrade this week.  Great new carpet fitted.  Gave me an excuse to sort and tidy the room, going through music and remembering how much great music there is.  I escaped whilst the carpet was being fitted and drove to the other side of the country for a guitar lesson.  Really enjoyed it.  It keeps my playing and teaching fresh,  having the chance to discuss the ins and outs of the music.  You are never too old or too good to learn something new!


New display

Anyone passing- please take the time to look at our new Winter olympic display!  I have spent the last week crocheting hats for the ukuleles and threading the snow!  But the effect is great.

Thanks to John and Steve for lending us bits for the display.

The Wise men- Journey so far!

It has been an eventful start to the Wise Men’s journey.  Ferdinand the Camel refused to travel when he found out he would have to go down a ladder.  Having successfully got him down he then ran off when he saw the rope swing.  But when he finally got on the swing it turned out he loved it.  Much fun and games were had with swinging backwards and forward!.  The trip is coming to it’s final week!  Follow the star!