Faith Guitars in Stock!

We have become a Faith guitar dealer!  Were not expecting them until the end of the week, but they arrived Yesterday.  Matt is currently running about trying to get more slat-wall so we can display these lovely things in the best way possible!  We have a blood moon Neptune which is so pretty and sounds fantastic. ( all the Faith guitars are named after planets, so you can get Neptune in all the ranges of woods/varnishes , same with the Venus etc) Photos to follow!

New Summer opening times

Hi.  As you know we are a small family run business with no external staff.  We work 6 days a week and often due to lessons continuing out of official shop opening times, we  open early and finish late.  We have looked at the footfall in the shop and Monday mornings/ Saturday afternoons have very few customers.  We are going to test out some new opening times during the summer.  From June 1st we will not open until  2pm on a Monday, and we are going to close at 2pm on a Saturday.  Lessons may still operate out of opening hours as they do currently.  If this makes little difference to you the customers and gives us more of a work/life balance, then we may continue these hours permanently.

New Ukuele Straps!

Well as the royal wedding approaches- our window becomes more appropriate! Here’s hoping that the weather is fine, not only for the couple- but also for all those in the crowds watching!  And also for the crowds in Aylsham- we are having things happening in the town!  Mini Netball in the square and a Classic Car Rally.  Should be a great day for all!  Red Lion Street will be closed to all cars but the classic ones for a short time!  So hopefully I will get a glimpse as they drive by.

We now have a selection of narrow straps- designed for ukuleles in stock!  We have been asked often for them, and we have always have the traditional hooked strap for uke, but have now got some great straps which are to be used with strap buttons- for those who like that security for their uke!


Easter Weekend Get Away

Hi- as anyone who comes to the shop knows we are a small business which is family run.  Last summer we lost one of the family and not only was that a shock and loss, it also left us with a member of staff down.  This has been tough on all of us.  So we have decided to take the Easter weekend off.  So advanced warning, we will be closed Easter Saturday.


Sorry for the closures

Sorry that we are having some erratic opening times.  Matt is helping a friend, and in the past we have had mum to cover the shop when I am teaching.  Unfortunately I cannot teach and run the shop at the same time, hence the shop being closed.  We endeavor to keep everyone informed as much as possible.   And to that end we will be closed today 6/3/2018 between 1 and 4pm.