Our customers are normally all lovely (thank you very much)- however there is always an exception to the rule.

The government states that we as a shop owner do not have to refund a product if the customer damages an item by trying to repair it themselves or by getting someone else to do it.

We had a customer in who could not get into a tin of rosin- they are a pull fit- but for some reason they could not get in- instead of bringing it back for us to look at, they brought it back looking like this!

20161018_104200 20161018_104146 20161018_104136They were suprised that after poking something sharp through it, then using mole grips and 5 adults on it, that the rosin did not survive this treatment and wanted to return it.  They were also highly aggressive towards staff.  Please note that we do not by law have to replace items damaged by the customer!